Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A proper salon experience

Well I finally did it. I sound much braver than I am because I was actually forced to do it, being abandoned by my former home hairdresser or dumped whatever works for you... but I did it. I went to an unknown and unfamiliar hairdresser. It's been almost two weeks now and I've coped far better than I thought I would. So let me share my experience with you.

First off here are my before pictures.

Before: at the start of my 'salon' experience

So, in a nutshell how did I find things overall?

*sings loudly* AMAZING!

I forgot what it is like going to a quality hair salon and to have that whole 'salon' experience. 

Had it really been that long? 

Yep, it's been over five years since I last went to a salon, and even longer since I went to a higher quality one. Bear in mind I had been going to a basic in-home set up for quite a while, by choice, and it cost me significantly less because it was more basic, but this also limited my choices in what I could have done and definitely lowered my expectation level: leaning back in a study chair against the laundry basin while the washing machine thumped away washing the dirty laundry for example. Again, this was by choice and if I hadn't been dumped I'd probably still be doing the same old, same old. 

You certainly get what you pay for and it's nice to be indulged after not having done so for so long. I had forgotten and was taken aback by the littlest of things, but little things that really, really make for a quality salon experience. 

The little things that had me humming, are you ready for it... I had a cup of coffee made FOR ME from a quality coffee machine, with froth, served in a cute cup with a freshly baked cupcake. I know, simple yet elegant and that little bit of indulgent pampering.

Purple, my favourite colour

The next little thing to have me humming was when I was in the luxurious lay back lounge seat to have my hair shampoo'd in the ergonomic protect-the-clients-neck basin, I was given a head massage. 

Talk about total bliss out! 

It wasn't a quick rub either, or the nails scraping into my scalp, or claws pulling my hair out. It had been years since I had a head massage and it took all my strength not to moan out loud, inwardly that was all I was doing, silently moaning constantly. It was done perfectly too, not rushed at all, the perfect amount of pressure, nice and firm, not hard, and seemed to go on for just the right amount of time. Long enough to have me totally relaxed and gooey, it was divine.

I had been toying with the idea of hair extensions for a while but didn't have the opportunity with my former hairdresser, so I was encouraged to go see Skye after being told she was the best. Personal recommendation is the way to go. 

I can say I wasn't disappointed at all. Skye explained how the extensions would be put in, mine is a weave so they are sewn into a very thin braid she made underneath some of my hair. A colour was put over top to hide the purple foils I had previously and to match my hair closely to the extensions. They are almost identical, I think if you didn't know you couldn't tell that's how good Skye is, and exactly what I was after. She used a hair straightener to create a curl and showed me how and I was done. In less than 90 minutes! 

Can you believe it, how quick is she!

After: coloured and styled

Initially, Skye was going to cut it a bit shorter but I asked her to leave the length for now, I'm coming back in a few weeks. Just so I can have a play around with it so long. It's been almost two weeks and I'm ready for that little bit of length to come off, not too much, just what Skye suggested. It's been fun playing around though.

Thank goodness for YouTube. It took me three days before I washed it and another two before I was confident to have a crack at styling it with my own straightener (which I had to buy, didn't have one before). Each time I get less fearful I'm going to burn the hair off in clumps, and each time the curl gets better. I've done some basic upstyles as well and they held well too, again with YouTube as my teacher.

Me and Skye, I'm the stunned one suddenly having all this hair

I'm truly grateful to the universe, Karma, fate, or whatever that I was abandoned by my former hairdresser. Truly it's been the best thing. I'm enjoying these new experiences, having fun, getting creative, cocking up, and when all else fails chuck my hair into a ponytail and it still looks fine. That's how hair is meant to be, a reflection of who you are. Some days I'm a hot mess, others I'm organised and sorted, sometimes kinda feral, sometimes more formal. I'm loving it, and above all it's not too serious and it's fun. I don't know how long I will keep it, or what my next plans will be but for now this is suiting me just fine.

The photo of the hairstyle I took in for Skye to work on, I think she did great!

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