Thursday, 6 November 2014

Finding a new hairdresser


It's every woman's nightmare, well one of them, we have a few nightmares in common.

This nightmare becomes more terrifying when you've been with your current hairdresser for quite a few years and then out of the blue, BAM, she's not available anymore. No referral on, no suggested new hairdresser to go to, no one you may even know. So, you find yourself on your own, wandering, aimless, lost, abandoned in the wilderness that is hair limbo. 

You're now the weakling of the hair consumer pack. You're susceptible to the aggression of the product pusher. Susceptible to the "Let's give this a go" ones who want you to try something different, you know the type - uber perky, the funster. But most of all you're now incredibly susceptible to your own unthinking stupidity because you no longer have that solid rock foundation of a hairdresser who knows you. One who knows the finer details of your hair personality, knows you're too lazy to style your hair daily, knows you don't use the products you should, who knows you don't come back like clockwork, who knows you need things practical, simple, and easy to do; basically a paint by numbers hairstyle.

I can say in all honesty THIS time... NOT ME!

I have this sense of freedom.

I have the thrill of being able to try something new, finally.
I'm no longer limited to what my former hairdresser had available in her tiny home salon.
I no longer have that sense of obligation to keep returning because of a misplaced sense of loyalty, or fear of getting caught out seeing someone else and it not being to her standard.

Yep, I'm feeling relief, freedom, and even excitement.


So with reckless abandon I'm thrusting myself back into the open market. I'm prepared to spend money, I'm ready for a change, I'm open to creativity, and I'm potentially setting myself up for a huge, huge, ginormous, did I mention HUGE, hair mistake.

While the creative part of my brain is screaming, "Rainbow colours, dip dye, lots of curls, fun, fun, fun". The sensible side is saying, "Remember you need to function in the corporate world, private school world, your sports commitments, and be confident in all of these roles". Yes, sensible is making sense, piercing through the happy clapping of the creative thoughts so much so that I'm actually seriously considering what she has to say as being valid. I need to come up with something that satisfies both sides of my personality. Ah, one of the many dilemma's of womanhood, trying to find balance, we seem to be always looking for or trying to keep hold of that balance.

In all my years of hair experience, as someone who moved frequently and changed hairstyles just as often, the number one way to find a quality hairdresser is to get a recommendation from someone whose hair you admire.

I messaged a friend who I've noticed always has impeccable hair, had a bit of a to and fro with her and am booked in to see the hairdresser she suggested. And I am so excited. To make it even better the hairdresser and I have messaged each other on Facebook (gosh, I love Facebook, so practical) we've discussed what I'd like to do, I've sent pictures, possibly too many pictures, possibly flooded her inbox; I'm nothing if not enthusiastic and keen. She seems confident and competent. I've determined this based solely on the fact that she replied to my rambling paragraph long explanations of what I'd like to try. Her replies may have been only a short sentence, but that she replied screams interest to me. Am I being too generous, who knows. I feel like a puppy who's racing into the yard to play, all excited, tripping myself up, peeing on anything. This is all figurative by the way, I truly don't pee in my yard, truth.

Oh! Did I mention I'm EXCITED!!!! 

A bit of serious wisdom now: change isn't something to be frightened of, it's an opportunity to throw caution to the wind and see what will happen. If I don't like it I can always, always change it, and good or bad I will certainly learn from it. On the other hand what if it's all good and I love it. It will expose me to a whole new experience, new people, new environment, and new feelings within myself. Bring it on!

I can't wait.

Yes, there will be pictures, after all this there MUST be pictures.

Here's the before and after... I'm loving it at the moment, next week may be another story but at the moment, love... xox

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