Wednesday, 5 November 2014

New blog, new look

Welcome to my new blog!

If you're a reader of my former blog Embracing Cliche, you may be asking why a new blog? You may already know the answer.

If you're a newbie, welcome, and here's an explanation.

I've been stalled in my writing for quite a while now, the creative juices just weren't flowing. I'd fallen in to a cycle where I was so busy looking after others and getting them through their 'stuff' that I lost myself for a while. 

Being lost meant I couldn't hear my own voice, you know that dialogue you have with yourself in your head. My self talk wasn't very positive and I didn't want to spread negativity, there's enough of that for all of us to deal with already. I felt I had nothing worthwhile to say or contribute, so I said nothing. Said, wrote, share the same meaning to me.

Anyway, I am well and truly on the other side of other people's stuff and am back to being my usual self. Read that as positive, happy, in a healthy mind space, and ready to write.

Having gone through this process and coming out intact there have been changes, subtle but changes nonetheless. 

Over the previous two and a half years my old blog was huge in helping me to change, grow, heal, and find my happiness. It impacted me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I went into it a cocooned, damaged, lost, woman and transitioned over time into the lovely ray of sunshine you may at times get to experience in person, if not then get to read about.

That's done with now and 2014 has been a year of change, external and internal: changes in dynamics, changes in relationships, changes in ways of thinking even. A lot of this change has been achieved through suffering for want of a better descriptor, emotional and even physical suffering. It's been horrible to live through but reflecting back it has brought me to where I am now and it's a good place to be .

Because it's feels like a new chapter in my life is starting, I thought I would transfer that across to my writing. I'm not deleting my old blog (I'm too proud of it) and I'll refer back to certain posts I'm sure, but it's time to let that go now and see what lies ahead. 

I'm loving my life, living it the only way I know how, and I'm happy to keep sharing parts of it.

I'm Deb... xox

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