Saturday, 24 January 2015

A False Start

Well I had the best of intentions.

I'd had my lovely long overseas holiday with minimal blogging. I had spent significant time well removed from my every day routine. I was back home. I had got over my jet lag. I was invigorated, motivated, had a plan, ready to amp up the blogging and get back into it all. Yep I can say it... I had the best of intentions. 

... and then I sliced off my finger tip!

I couldn't believe it. 

There staring back at me on the wooden chopping board sat the tip of the third finger of my right hand. I can recall the feeling as the blade sliced deep into the tip, slicing off part of the nail too (and I have short nails) but my finger was moving at such speed over the blade I couldn't stop it even if I knew at the time. It's been ten days and only now I'm finally able to put pressure on the end of my finger to type. 
10 days healing from injury to this blog post
It has been sooooo frustrating.

I've pretty much been an invalid. No seriously, I'm such a sook when there is pain. I've been super cautious because whenever I bumped or even gently tapped the bloody thing a sharp stinging nerve pain would shoot up my arm until it reached my elbow area. It brought tears to my eyes. Every. Damn. Time. 

And two finger typing, oh don't go there. When you've been typing as long as me going back to two fingers is like no longer using a pen and chiseling notes into stone tablets instead. Soooo slow, and soooo unbelievably frustrating, so I pretty much didn't, and I've had stuff to say too... grrrr.

Anyway, things are finally back on track, enough that I can start posts at least, spend a bit of time working on them here and there. All I need is to get rid of my children so I have my quiet writing environment back again during the day and I can finally, finally, finally really get back in to it. Lucky me school's back mid next week so not long before I can really get into it. I'm going to enjoy being alone and just writing again so much.

Besides that I have stuff to say and things to tell, just you wait and read.

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